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    About us

      Welcome to the website of Baoji Aerospace Power Pump Co., Ltd. and sincerely hope that this website will enable you to have further understanding and understanding of our company.

         Baoji Aerospace Power Pump Co., Ltd. as a pump market of well-known brands, has always been to science and technology innovation-oriented, product differentiation, high-end technology development on the road strides forward. With the broad space of the company's main business, strong technical strength and firm market positioning, we will strictly follow the "Company Law" and the mod ern enterprise system standardized operation, continue to core technology as the basis, the main business as a platform to further enhance the company Core competitiveness, with excellent brand, excellent product quality to the maximum to meet market demand, customer satisfaction; with excellent business performance, better economic returns to the community.

        We firmly believe that leaders at all levels, all the friends of concern and support, through the unremitting efforts of all staff, pioneering and innovative, keep making progress, Baoji aerospace pump tomorrow will be more beautiful and brilliant!