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    New Technology Application Engineering

    News source: Release time:[2017-03-22]

    New technology application engineering: mainly used for foam drilling, cementing foam flooding system; the introduction of foreign advanced technology to absorb the sludge direct dry incineration system.

    Foam flooding pump:

    With high transmission strength and efficiency, the blowing agent for the water-based media, with environmental pollution-free features. It is mainly used to solve the difficulties encountered in the domestic high-pressure oil and gas wells, high H2S wells and high CO2 wells, low density and easy leakage drilling, deep well deep wells and complex structures such as deep wells. The foam pump kit is a new type of equipment for the storage of micro-foam. The main feature of the equipment is that the rigid microbubbles after storage are reduced in density with the drilling fluid. The microbubbles are capable of wetting Good, and has a better drilling plugging function. Unit capacity to meet the oil standards, and the overall layout in the big base, to facilitate the overall lifting and motor transport.

    Sludge direct dry incineration system

    The waste liquid is first filtered and then conveyed through a waste liquid supply pump, atomized by compressed air, and injected through a two-fluid gun into a rotary kiln incinerator for incineration. The solid waste generated by the day is pretreated (crushed) and then burned into the rotary kiln incinerator by a screw feeder. By adjusting the rotation speed of the rotary kiln, it is possible to ensure that the solid waste is in the rotary kiln for 30-120 minutes. Burn out. Oil field living area, the production area of waste, solid waste. Which waste for the hazardous waste, solid waste a wide range, mainly for domestic waste, and medical waste, acid residue, sludge is also a hazardous waste.