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    Pump integrated control system

    News source: Release time:[2017-03-22]

    Company design, production industry reciprocating pump more than 50 years, has accumulated a wealth of experience in pumping control, developed a variety of different users to adapt to the reciprocating pump control equipment.

    A. Simple economy:

    1, the main function: the pump motor soft start or step-down start to ensure that equipment frequency operation, with over-voltage, over-current, lack of basic protection.

    2, the main features: the system constitutes a simple, mobile convenient, economical and practical.

    3, the performance range: oil, mining, chemical and other car or skid mounted power control cabinet. A single set of operating equipment that does not require flow regulation.

    4, model example: GJB1-ZS-55 (55 for the equipment supporting motor power)

    B. Intelligent adjustment type:

    1 main function: the pump motor using frequency conversion start, with overpressure, loss of pressure, over temperature, super liquid level and the motor protection.

    2, the main features: the system constitutes a more complete, in the manual / automatic state of the flow of linear adjustment. With constant voltage, constant current, constant liquid level and other closed-loop control system. (Water spray mud pump constant pressure differential servo control system patent).

    3, the scope of application: oil field, mine skid or pump floor installation power control cabinet. Users of the pump system integration requirements of the higher operating equipment.

    4, model example: GTSB-ZB-55 (55 for the equipment supporting motor power)

    C. Network interconnection

    1, the main function: the pump motor remote control, with remote computer control, remote network observation, control functions. With a variety of protection can only function and remote fault automatic diagnosis. Mainly by the pumping station dispatch center, pumping station monitoring center, communication platform, pump station remote monitoring and control system.

    2, the main features: the entire system set start, control, data acquisition, automatic analysis, curve analysis, report printing, network interconnection. PLC program control, remote data transmission, large data analysis, fault self diagnosis. (Coal mine fracturing pump remote control system to obtain invention patents)

    3, the use of: oil, mining, coal mine network remote monitoring of large and medium-sized pumping stations, users need to connect the internal LAN or the Internet.

    4, model example: GKB1-ZB-55 (55 for the equipment supporting motor power)