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    3ZB-50/7 three-cylinder plunger pump group in Shaanxi Province as the 2006 Torch Program

    News source: Release time:[2006-10-24]


    Our 3ZB-50/7 three-cylinder piston pump produced by our company is listed as Shaanxi Province's 2006 Torch Program by Shaanxi Science and Technology Department. The project number is 2006HJ-57.

    The project is mainly used for oil field water supply, water injection. have:

    1, large displacement, multi-functional;

    2, a variety of plunger specifications conversion structure;

    3, the overall cylinder head, straight-through valve group structure;

    4, power side, the hydraulic side without positioning structure;

    5, configuration self-priming device;

    6, interlock device, automatic alarm, protection system.