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    Aerospace six hospital president Tan Yonghua and his entourage to my company inspection work

    News source: Release time:[2008-11-19]


    China Aviation Science and Technology Corporation, the sixth research institute president Tan Yonghua (second from left), in the executive vice president Wang Xinmin, vice president Zhou Limin, Shaanxi Aerospace Power General Manager Suoxiao Qiang, Baoji Aerospace Power Co., November 19, 2008 afternoon to my company inspection and guidance work.

      Tan Yonghua Dean and his party inspected the company's production site and R & D design room, carefully listened to the company's general manager Guo Gaojian on the integration of the reorganization of the work report, and focused on the company's product development. After listening to Guo total report, Tan Yonghua Dean made an important speech, he said, since 2004, accompanied by deputy director of the National Defense Science and Technology Commission (former China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Deputy General Manager) Jin Zhuanglong to participate in Baoji Pump Company opened to today, Has come several times Baoji company, once and once the feeling is different, Baoji Aerospace Power Pump Co., Ltd. in recent years, great changes in the momentum of development is good.

           Finally, Tan Yuanchang pointed out that in the grasp of the existing production and management at the same time, we should focus on product development work, expand the product areas, improve the ability to resist risks; to make steady progress in infrastructure construction, the establishment of standardized system, Manage the rule of law. Tan Yichang stressed that the company in order to achieve long-term goal, we must take measures to improve R & D team technical strength, strengthen product research and development capabilities.

      Vice President Wang Xinmin and Zhou Limin, respectively, also made a speech, that the company's products are very good, great potential for development, and the company's development strategy made a request and high hopes.