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    The company's two products are supported by government funds

    News source: Release time:[2011-11-05]

      From the government concerned to get the news, our company HTB500 coal mine fracturing pump, 5ZB series of oilfield water injection pump were listed as national key new products and national Torch Program projects, with government funding support.

    Earlier this year, after the establishment of technology promotion center, on the one hand actively do a good job of new product marketing, on the one hand to do a good job of new product project declaration work, after a year of unremitting efforts, not only marketing work fruitful, and project declaration also harvest. The company developed with independent intellectual property rights of high value-added, high-tech content of new energy efficient products HTB500 coal mine fracturing pump was listed as a national key new products, Baoji City, the results and promotion projects, the city torch plan, get a total of 540,000 Yuan of national and local funding support; 5ZB series of oilfield water injection pump was listed as the national Torch Program project, get 600,000 yuan of national financial support. There is no doubt that these countries and local government policy support, the company will adhere to independent innovation will play a positive role in promoting.

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