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    Pump Integrated Control System


    We have been engaged in the design and manufacturing of industrial reciprocatingpumps for more than 50 years and have accumulated rich experience in pumpcontrol and developed multiple dedicated reciprocating pump controls that cansatisfy different user requirements.


    I. Simple and Economic type

    1.The system can control the soft start or step-down start of thepump unit’s motor to ensure the equipment run at frequency operationwith such the basic protection functions asover pressure, over current, lack of equal and so on.

    2.Main feathers: simple structure, easily mobile, economicand practical.

    3.Application scope:  It works as the power control cabinets of vehicle-mounted or skid-mounted in oil, mine, chemical and related fieldsas a single set ofoperating equipment without flow regulation.

    4.Mode Example: GJB1-ZS-55 (55 refers to the motor power)



    II. IntelligentAdjustable Type

    1.Main functions: It controls the variant frequency start ofthe pump unit’s motor to realize thebasic protection functionsonover pressure, decompression, overheat and over liquid level.

    2.Main feathers: It is structurally complete andlinearly adjustable of the flow in manual or automatic mode. It is equipped with constant voltage, constantcurrent and constant liquid level and other close-loop control systems. (Theconstant pressure drop fellow-up control system of the jet mud pump has beenpatented.)

    3.Application scope: It works as the power control cabinets of skid-mounted or pump house floor-mounted in oil or mine fieldto meet the user’shigher requirements on the integration of the pump system.

    4.Mode Example:GTSB-ZB-55(55 refers to the motor power)



    III. Network Interconnected type

    1.Main functions: It can controlthe pump unit’s motor power remotely by computer control, remote networkmonitoring and control to realize intelligent protection and remote  fault self-diagnosis functions. It is made upof a pump station dispatching center, a pump station monitoring center, acommunication platform and a  pumpstation remote measurement and control system.

    2.Main feathers: The whole set has the functions on startup, automatic control, dataacquisition, analysis, curve analysis, report printing and networkinterconnection to realize PLC program control, remote data transmission, dataanalysis and fault self-diagnosis.(The remote control system of the coal minefracturing pump unit has been patented).

    3.Application scope: It can be used in themedium or large scale pump stations where needs remote on-line monitoring and theuser need to link internal local network or the Internet.

    4.Mode Example:GKB1-ZB-55 (55 refersto the motor power)